Case Study

Intranet Refresh
Organisation: Regional NSW


The Services Company were engaged by Regional NSW to manage two phases of their content production for their Intranet Refresh Project.   The Services Company provided a team of content and intranet specialists.


The Services Company provided content production and project management services to update and refresh intranet content for the department.  Initially the project included a transition from a Suiz based intranet to a SharePoint system. 
The scope was to produce, transfer, create, update or refresh content.
As part of the Intranet Refresh project, the Content Producers are responsible for: 
  • Working in collaboration with Business subject matter experts to produce, edit, proof and publish Intranet content in suitable formats (written, visual, multi-media, etc) to meet the needs of intended audiences.
  • Ensuring content meets best practice accessibility and usability standards. 
  • Contributing to the development and continuous improvement of the style, editorial and publication guides, templates and process.
  • Contributing to the development and execution of user experience and/or user acceptance testing.
  • Helping establish and coordinate an Intranet Content Community of Practice




The original intranet that we were required to refresh:

  • was not user-centric in design or structure and did not meet best practice usability and accessibility standards. 
  • was technically difficult to manage resulting in inconsistent, out-of-date, incomplete and poor-quality content. 
  • was on a standalone platform (Squiz) with highly static content with limited features and functionality. 
  • did not integrate with, and therefore could not leverage the features and functionality of the Office 365 platform (SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI) to create a single, cohesive experience for staff. 


Originally on SQUIZ Matrix platform, migrating to Office 365 platform (SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI)


The Services Company provided a team of SharePoint, PowerBI and content specialists to manage phase 1 of the project.  Following the success of phase 1, we were reengaged for phase 2 and provided a team of content specialist to project manage and deliver new content.

The project was a success for Regional NSW