Case Study

Source to Contract Procurement System Design
Organisation: NSW RFS


The Services Company were engaged to program manage the build of a source to contract procurement system used by NSW Fire Service for procurement of fire equipment, assets and vehicles.  The system is used by head office and regional fire units and integrates with numerous core systems (both new and legacy) and integrates with backend systems of other, related, emergency services organisations including NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW SES.

The project was built in a multi-tenant SAP instance Hosted in AWS cloud


The scope of the project was to design a solution, build the solution, integrate with all linked legacy systems within NSW RFS and related entities, test the solution and deliver comprehensive training and documentation.



The project spanned multiple business units and impacted one of the most widely dispersed user bases in Australia.  As well as needing to navigate multiple regulatory requirements, the system needed to consider and integrate with multiple (and not always cooperative) SAP project teams within several different organisations.


The Services Company provided program management, solution architecture and project management services to the project as well as a small project team of technical specialists.  We were able to bring together the SMEs within the NSW RFS and those within the organisations we were integrating systems with and were able to deliver a world class procurement system.