Case Study

NBN Transition
Organisation: NSW RFS


NBN Network Rollout
The Services Company were engaged to deliver a rollout of NBN to multiple RFS sites across NSW. 


Specifically we were engaged to deliver:
Transition / implementation and network support services
1. Technical network support
2. Solution Design
The NBN Transition project aimed to deliver the following scope of work:
Implement new infrastructure services which include:
  • Implementation plan in conjunction with the successful vendor(s)
  • Testing plan in conjunction with the successful vendor(s)
  • Cutover plan in conjunction with the successful vendor(s)
  • Decommissioning of incumbent services

Handover to Production Support which includes:

  • Identification and agreement of a Production owner to manage technical support, account management and vendor liaison/relationship requirement
  • Provide any relevant technical support documents as required
The project covered network management and rollout


The Services Company's team were able to successfully deliver the project and delivered ongoing support to the system.  

We managed the NBN rollout and support to multiple regional RFS sites.